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CZ 455 Two Stage Trigger


Triggers currently have up to a 2 Week Lead Time

  • The only true two stage available for the CZ 455
  • The sear & support are pre polished, for an extremely smooth trigger. 
  • The 2nd Stage wall is solid & easy to feel
  • Break is Exceptionally Clean & Crisp 
  • Can be set up from a few oz. to over 2 lbs.
  • Comes with additional springs for tuning
  • Works with CZ 455 with S/N's higher than A956497 
  • Trigger does Not work with CZ 452's or CZ 457's



1).   If your stock is not inlet to accept the CZ Fly trigger, it will need inletting.  

2).   Aftermarket trigger guards will need to be modified, unless they were made to fit the CZ Fly Trigger.     

3).   DON'T use bolt shims to correct headspace with this Trigger.

Trigger's are $200.00 ea.    

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CZ 455 Two Stage Trigger

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